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Since 1991…

Kelly Music Research delivers accurate, actionable listener data to the Radio Industry. Our customized audience research solutions are designed to find the answers you need quickly and affordably.

Accurate, Actionable, Affordable Research

Kelly Music Research helps radio stations build larger audiences by providing a better understanding of listener preferences. Radio stations in large, medium and small markets have relied on our research to deliver ratings and revenue successes across the United States.

The Right Solutions

Whether you need ongoing “Callout” or “Library” testing, Kelly Music Research applies the most effective survey methodologies including telephone, mail and internet to measure listener “likes” and “dislikes” and help synchronize content with listener tastes. We also provide expert advice on the implementation of findings to assure maximum impact from every study.

Cash & Barter Options

Customized to fit your needs and budget, Kelly Music Research offers cash and commercial barter options. In economic times when stations are not sold out, our barter option is an excellent way to get value for unsold commercial inventory.

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